What is BYOD?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the practice that allows individuals to use their personal electronic devices, such as laptops or tablets for education. We recognize that technology and choices about technology are personal, and BYOD provides the freedom to make technology choices that suit you and all your circumstances.

CSPD BYOD Vendor Partnership

The Catholic Education Diocese of Paramatta (CEDP) and Santa Sophia Catholic College have partnered with CompNow and ASI solutions to streamline Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) purchases.

The college recommends that BYOD purchases to be made from CompNow via their parent portal.

All devices purchased with CompNow come with a 3-Year On-Site Care Plan which covers mechanical or electrical faults. A link to CompNow's Warranty guide is linked below:

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You can search in this field and by typing "Box Hill" with the drop-down menu open, Santa Sophia will be selected.

Recommended Devices

At Santa Sophia, we understand the importance of technology in education, and we require students to bring their own devices* to enhance their learning experience. We offer compatibility with a range of operating systems, including ChromeOS, Windows, and macOS.

It is recommended to consider your child's subjects when purchasing a device. Students in Years 7 and 8 completing creative subjects that involve video and/or photo editing, 3D modeling and animation, and/or music production is recommended to purchase a macOS device.

Please ensure the device is available for your child to use every day at school.

* K-4 students are not required to bring a device.

Chromebooks (ChromeOS)

For younger students, ChromeOS is an excellent choice, as it is designed for cloud-based activities like Google Docs and Seesaw. Chromebooks, especially 2-in-1 models, are both affordable and versatile, offering the convenience of a convertible laptop or a detachable tablet. Keep in mind that ChromeOS devices may not have the performance needed for creative subjects, for which we recommend Windows or macOS devices.

Windows Devices

Windows devices offer a versatile and cost-effective solution that spans a wide range of educational needs. The Windows operating system is well-suited for both cloud-based activities and more resource-intensive creative tasks, making it an excellent choice for students from grades 5 to 12.

MacBooks (macOS)

For students engaging in creative fields like video and photo editing or music production, macOS devices such as Macbook Airs or Pros are ideal. While they may be pricier, they are built to last throughout a student's academic journey. When opting for macOS, we recommend an Apple Silicon M1 or later processor. However, refurbished devices with Intel processors are also suitable if cost is a concern. Your choice of device should align with your child's educational goals, ensuring they have the right tools to succeed.

It is required to obtain a Chromebook Management License (CML) in order to use a ChromeOS device on our network.

When purchasing a ChromeOS device from CompNow or ASI, a CML will be included in the purchase.
Separate purchase from other retailers such as JBHIFI will require a separate CML purchase from one of our preferred suppliers.
This license costs $61.

Hardware Specification

The device must meet all of the following requirements:

Device Insurance

Santa Sophia is not liable for any damage to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices that occur on site.

Software Available to Students

Software provided by the school

Google Workspace for Education

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Adobe Creative Cloud

Please ensure the web browser Google Chrome is installed before use of device at school as this is CSPD's preferred browser.

Loan Devices

In the event of the child's BYOD device being damaged, the school can provide a temporary loan device (macOS or ChromeOS) for the duration of the repair process.

If there are complications with the repair process requiring the school to loan a device out longer or you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the school's ICT department.


The BYOD device must be enrolled into our network in order to access the internet. Please read the enrollment page for instructions.

Please note that some anti-virus software can interfere with our network and may be required to be disabled.