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PEN Meeting Minutes

Term 2, Week 10 - 2023

Guest Speaker Peter Michael Griffin (Children and Growth Mindset)

23T2 PEN - Michael Griffin (Edited).mp4

PEN Meeting Webinar- 

Children and Growth Mindset

Wednesday 28th July 2023. 

Webinar - Japanese Student Visit.mp4

Information Webinar - 

Hosting a Japanese Student

Thursday 29th July, 2023

Term 1, Week 10 - 2023

Guest Speaker Lisa Maltman (The Sleep Connection)

Term 1, Week 6 - 2023 

2023 Term 1 - PEN Meeting Minutes

Term 3, Week 9 - 2022 

Guest Speaker Kylie Warry (The Resilience Centre)

Resources for Parents

Developing Resilience 90 min parent HO.pdf

Term 2, Week 9 - 2022 

Guest Speaker Dr Kristy Goodwin

Term 2, Week 2 - 2022